A review of the scientific research on consuming Fermented Foods

A review of the scientific research on consuming Fermented Foods

We Ferment has started keeping track of the scientific evidence for health benefits coming from consuming live fermented foods, particularly vegetables. We created a Google Spreadsheet that we are sharing with you all. You can find it here

This will be updated regularly so feel free to bookmark this page and check back occasionally. We will also send email updates when it is substantially updated, so that’s a really good reason to subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already – just scroll down to the footer of the website, pop in your email address and check your email to confirm.

Because scientific literature is sometimes hard to decipher by laypersons and therefore often misunderstood, we employed the help of an independent nutritionist, Sebastian Catana. You can find his views on the validity of the health claims and research methodology in the spreadsheet, under the comments column.

Sebastian was also kind enough to share some of his expertise on reading scientific publications, which you can find published on our blog at the link below:

How to read scientific research and the Media Mirage effect?

An important limitation of this review of scientific literature is localisation. There may very well be important studies published in German or Polish, as those countries have a deep seeded culture of fermented foods. If you are or know someone with a medical or nutrition degree that speaks German or Polish and is willing to give us some help, please don’t hesitate to drop us a note.

Final caveat: this is by no means exhaustive, a couple of days of desk research for now. If you think we’ve missed any important, high quality study, or just want to get in contact for any reason, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Alex Blogu

Weferment founder

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