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We Ferment Founders Club

Founders Club

Becoming a Founders Club member is your way of helping us accelerate the vision to create a better food business for everyone involved – local produce, the farmers and growers, the food artisans and ultimately the planet. It costs £199 and it’s a one-time fee.

Here’s what’s on the roadmap:

  1. We’re building our own fleet:
    • Transportation today is done at the expense of the planet and the wellbeing of the drivers. That’s what “free shipping” means.
    • Food shipping is especially hard, when products need to be chilled and handled with care.
    • We believe we can do it better: keeping it local, going electric and paying drivers a fair and living wage.
  2. We’re developing our own ferments using vegetables that would otherwise be wasted.
    • Food waste is a crime.
    • Fermentation has been used for millennia by peoples all over the planet to preserve foods and make them tastier.
    • We can create delicious ferments using produce that’s less-than-perfect, elevating their flavour and increasing the nutritional value.
    • We can bring into the spotlight British produce that’s currently overlooked by food trends.
  3. We’re creating technology to help people make ferments at home.
    • Cooking is not easy.
    • Fermenting can be even harder, because there’s lots of microorganisms involved. It’s essentially a controlled form of rotting. Yikes!
    • We can develop probes that monitor things like Ph, salinity, sugar levels, temperature, making fermenting at home safer and more accessible.

To say thanks, we’ll invite you to a series of We Ferment Founders Club events, as soon as it’s safe to have in-person events. We’ll sample delicious ferments paired with great drinks, listen to live music and talk about what we’re working on. Sometimes we’ll have cooking and fermenting classes.

Last but not least, you’ll get early access to our upcoming food-related projects.

So if all of that sounds Fun and Important you should join. Reach out at if you have questions or you can help in any other way.