Our letter to the first 100 customers

Hello there,

You’re one of the first people to receive a box from We Ferment. I hope it survived the journey, the jars are intact and you are enjoying the ferments. If you do, please tell your friends. 

If something’s wrong with the delivery, please email me at alex@weferment.com and I will send you another box, or provide a full refund if you’re very upset.

I started this business because I love food and sending people letters. Ferments seemed like a good starting point as they are hard to come by. The reason you can hardly find a live (unpasteurised) sauerkraut or kimchi at the grocery store is because it’s not suitable for the modern food supply chain. Which is kind of ironic, because fermentation is one of the oldest methods of food preservation. 

The food that we eat today is made shelf stable by destroying the bacteria (both good and bad) that lives on it through canning, pasteurization, freezing, irradiation, and the addition of chemicals. Together with the use of household antibacterial chemicals and our over reliance on antibiotics we’ve declared indiscriminate war on bacteria. 

Our digestive tract contains trillions of microorganisms that have evolved in sync with us over millions of years. Known collectively as the gut microbiome, it plays a crucial role in maintaining health as well as in the development of diseases. Functionally, you could see it as another organ. 

Scientific evidence shows that by eating live ferments the digestive tract is at least temporary colonised with good bacteria. This in turn affects your health and mood in a big way.  Researching the microbiome is a very hot topic in science, but still in its infancy. We are tracking the science on our blog, go have a look if you’re interested. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your ferments. As a side, on a sandwich, in a salad, a snack that goes really well with a tipple. You can also use them in recipes, but don’t cook them too much, as the good bacteria will die off. We’ve got some inspiration on our instagram.

Thank you for reading this and for being one of our very first customers. If you haven’t already, consider signing up for a subscription box. Your gut will thank you. 

Alex Blogu

November 2020

“Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~ Hippocrates

Alex Blogu

Weferment founder

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