Spotlight on: The Fermentation Station

Our latest partners, featured in the upcoming Explorer Box for July, Sam and Amy from The Fermentation Station. They have a unique concept, creating amazing seasonal ferments, based in Liverpool.

Here’s Amy answering our most pressing questions:

What’s the story that got you into fermenting food?

Fermenting food and drinks was always a home passion for us, it was a hobby that was quickly nurtured into a business. We absolutely loved experimenting with different fruits and vegetables which is what began our drive to create and craft ferments centered around the seasons and using surplus food. Ultimately fermentation is the act of ‘ordered chaos’, and we adore the creativity and experimentation that it encourages in us. I think there’s something extremely nostalgic and comforting that comes from creating and nurturing fermented products, our ancestors have been preserving foods through fermentation for centuries and we are thrilled to see the passion for ferments expand especially as a means of eating and living more sustainably.

What is your personal favourite fermented food?

This is a really tough question as fermented food is so diverse in taste and cultural heritage it’s hard to pinpoint a favourite. I think for versatility nothing can beat Miso, it’s a fantastic ferment that can be used in just about anything. Whether you’re looking for a simple broth or to add an umami taste to a marinade, Miso creates such a complexity of flavours and created correctly with authenticity it’s a fantastic ferment. But we also love the creativity that comes with fermenting Water Kefir, again such a simple ferment that is so adaptable to flavours and many different personal palates. Our fermented drinks are something that really encourage creativity in us and we love coming up with different flavours every season.

What fermentation experiment have you got going on at the moment?

We are just in the process of launching our summer seasonal ferments so we’ve been working hard at curating the very best of the summer seasonal produce and creating fantastic ferments with them. In addition, we are working on a six course tasting dinner event that shows the very best that fermented foods and drinks have to offer. We’ve been working on a Lime Pickle we’ve been fermenting for eight weeks and our very own sweet white Miso, both of which are delicious and truly highlight the vast difference between authentic and shop bought ferments.

Check out The Fermentation Station on Instagram or visit their website at

Alex Blogu

Weferment founder

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