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Purveyors of British ferments

Hello from the fermentation fanatics that scour the British land for food artisans taming Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) to produce the most amazing Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Hot Sauce and many more varieties of creative vegetable ferments.

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Some of the ferments we’ve featured in the Explorer Box

What our customers say

Loved my first box. Smoked mackerel on toast with the umami sea kraut is a damn fine North Sea themed breakfast


The fermented gherkins in brine are so much better than the ones pickled in vinegar


“This mooli kimchi is the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Followed by the leeks.”


Loving the box, just powered through half the sauerkraut in one sitting. And that the jalapeño sauce is unbelievable


Creating a safe space for microbes

Humans are home to an ecosystem of trillions of beneficial microbes – the human microbiome. With the mass production of food and our over-reliance on antibiotics, society has sadly declared a war on microbes. It left us deskilled, disenfranchised and in poor health.

By introducing live, fermented foods in our diet, we can turn from this path.

The transformative action of micro-organisms makes food more delicious, more digestible, more nourishing and more stable. That’s why we’ve been eating fermented foods for thousands of years. Why stop now?