Fermentation 101 Workshop

We are trialing in-person fermentation workshops held at We Ferment HQ in South London.

Discover the world of fermentative bacteria and learn how to make your own Sauerkraut style ferments at home. No previous knowledge of fermentation required.

Groups of up to 8 people, great opportunity for team-building.

Appetizers and Beer or Kombucha will be served. The workshop duration is about 3 hours.

For enquiries please email us at [email protected]


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Your questions, answered

What’s normally in the box?

The minimum we put in all boxes is 5 products: 4 jars of kimchi and sauerkraut-style ferments and 1 bottle of fermented hot sauce.  Normally we add 1 extra jar, usually smaller than the regular ~500 grams, but we can’t guarantee to do it every time.

Sometimes you can be surprised to find a bottle of kombucha or kefir, which you can bet is going to be 100% live and unpasteurised.

So even with minimum 5 products you’ll end up paying around £8 / product with shipping included which is not bad at all for an artisanal, small batch food product.

What are vegetable ferments, are they like pickles?

They are very different from pickles, which are normally made with vinegar. It’s not that vinegar is bad, we think it’s absolutely delicious, plus vinegar itself is made via the process of fermentation.

The kimchis and sauerkrauts we source follow a different production process than pickles: the vegetables are washed and chopped or diced and then submerged in a salt water brine, where they undergo natural fermentation. The brine prevents spoilage while the fermentation kicks into high gear. After a period of time, Lactic Acid Bacteria and other microbes that are naturally present on the vegetables will have consumed the sugars and produced carbon dioxide and lactic and acetic acids. We are left with a final product that is radically different from the raw material, something that’s not only more delicious but also more digestible and significantly nutritionally improved.

Why do you deliver only once a month?

Our regular shipping schedule is once a month, around the 15th. You’ll get a notification that your box is out for delivery a few days before, when we create the shipping label. All deliveries are Next Day Delivery with FedEx.

This allows us to balance our inventory and work with as many producers as possible while keeping the costs reasonable.

If you have an urgent craving for ferments (which we totally understand) it’s worth emailing us at [email protected] and we’ll likely be able to arrange a one-off speedy delivery.

Why can’t I choose what’s in the box?

We’re a small operation working with small businesses. Sometimes the products we source are made in really small batches and they are delivered to us the day before we ship the box. However, we think the benefits of this system outweigh the negatives. We can experiment by working with a high number of producers and you’ll be surprised with new ferments every time.

We can accommodate some personalization, if you only want kimchi or kraut. Plus, if you have special requirements, it’s always worth emailing at [email protected] and we’ll try to make it happen.

What is the return policy, what about refunds?

Look, if you return anything we are not going to be able to re-sell them because they have to be stored chilled to remain in the best condition.

So if you really don’t like them we’re simply going to give you your money back, minus the shipping cost of £6.99. No questions asked and you can keep your delivered box. Just email us at [email protected] and we’ll get it done.

I’m a producer / fermenter, how do I get in on the game?

We would love to feature you in the box, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll get the ball rolling. There is no funny stuff, we will buy a batch and even pay in advance.

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