Kimchi, Curtido, Kraut by We Ferment


We are very exited to release our first products: Sauerkraut, Curtido and Kimchi. We consider them staples of vegetable ferments and they represent each corner of the world.

Sauerkraut Рpopular in Europe, a national dish in Germany. A cabbage ferment, we make ours with carrot, fresh dill and caraway seeds. It goes amazingly well as a side to meaty dishes or on a toasty sandwich with mature cheddar.

Curtido –¬† a staple in Salvadoran cuisine but loved all over South America. A cabbage ferment that’s usually made with oregano, as do we. Think of it like a fermented slaw, goes well in quesadillas, tacos or with enchiladas as a healthy side.

Kimchi Рthe staple of Korean Cuisine! Chinese leaf cabbage fermented in a rice porridge spiced with red pepper flakes, garlic and ginger. We add carrot and mooli radish in ours. Goes amazingly well with rice or added to any salad for that needed probiotic kick.

You can get them in sets of 3 jars (small box) or 5 jars (a large box). Each jar is 500gr.

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