We Ferment Taster Box (Small)


This is a small box for people who are ferment-shy. Consider getting our Explorer Box on a monthly subscription, you can cancel any time.

The small box has 3 jars of assorted, live ferments (kimchi, sauerkraut, whole fermented vegetables).

  • Discover new ferments and fermentaries with each box.
  • Always raw and unpasteurized: contains live lactobacilli and other beneficial microorganisms that are good for your gut health.
  • Low calorie, low sugar and absolutely packed with soluble fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and iron.
  • The natural fermentation process produces the most amazing, delicious flavours that you won’t find in vinegar pickles.
  • Delivered in insulated, chilled boxes to keep the ferments from bubbling in transit.

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Brands we stock: London Fermentary, The Cultured Collective, Morgiel, Barrel & Bone, PAMA, Eaten Alive, Roots of kimchi & many more. We are always looking for more British producers, email us at hello@weferment.com if you want your live ferments in the box.

Box contents will vary.All Products

We are fermentation fanatics so rest assured we’ve tried every product we sell. In our box you’ll only find the most delicious ferments and we make sure to scour this great land for the most dedicated, creative and passionate food artisans. For every subsequent box you get we try to jazz things up so you’ll always have something new to sample.

Since the products are alive, they need to be kept chilled during transport. So they come in a cardboard box insulated with 100% pure sheep’s wool that’s compostable (we don’t use polystyrene as it has to go to the landfill) and a few ice packs that are reusable and filled with fresh water. We strive to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible.

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 cm